Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Unknown

The night has just begun
I travel alone, places to the world unknown
Sin or salvation I’ve never known
My mind devoid of emotions
Only thing I’ve ever known
I write my own destiny
Here I am The king of the unknown
Since birth I have seen
With other’s dreams your destiny sown
Have nothing else but a mind I call my own
Through moral sins my life has shone
I write my own destiny
Here I am the king of the unknown
Unprepared untested in this world we are thrown
The endless struggle to own the throne
Made desperate to own the throne
No pride no guilt
To the world the talent to be shown
I have nothing else but a mind of my own
Here I am, the king of the unknown


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  2. Really nice bhaiya. Really nice :)

  3. Hi i came to know abt ur blog through fb. Its really nice and gr8 work